XPOfleet released today

14 07 2009
XPOfleet - Fleet Management Software

XPOfleet - Fleet Management Software

XPOfleet release was released today.

XPOfleet is a true Fleet Exposure Software implementation. It enables you to quickly get in-depth or overview information whenever required. It is designed to manage car fleets form 3 to x-1000 cars. Did I mention it is free to download and use for car fleets up to 10 cars.

XPOFleet has everything that fleetmanagers desire. It is the fleetmanager’s toolkit that helps you out with day-to-day management of your fleet and drivers and even further, it had extensive functionality to make te difference in pro-active, efficient management of your fleet. Mobility, reducing costs, comparisons between drivers, brands, suppliers, everything is there.

Check it out at www.XPOfleet.com. Currently in English and Dutch, other languages will arrive shortly.