Keeping track of your EVs’ mileage

8 12 2020

However not always accurate, it is relatively easy to capture the mileage of the “old style” cars in your fleet, the cars with a combustion engine. It is generally accepted by business drivers to enter the car’s mileage at every fuel stop.

But what with the electrical vehicles (EV)? It might be surprising but, even though the charging of EVs is a  relatively new technology, the data that is captured from the car is done in an analogue manner rather than a digital way. And there is no standard protocol – spanning car brands – that allow charging stations to read car data that is not directly related to the charge. In general, it is not possible to read the current mileage of the car when charging. Nor does a charging station have a keyboard that allows the driver to enter the current mileage. At the same time, the mileage is important information from a fleet management perspective. Driver awareness aims to reduce the usage of any company car from the CSR or financial point of view. The distance component of any lease contract must be managed to avoid unexpected costs. So what solutions are available to keep track of your EVs’ mileage?

Solution 1: Connected car

Cars will become connected soon. But already today it is possible to install track&trace devices in a car. Multiple technologies and vendors exist. Depending on the vendor the service will include location services, driver behaviour tracking and car’s technical information such as the current mileage. XPOfleet already interfaces with multiple track&trace suppliers. Such bridges register each trip in XPOfleet including the mileage at the start and end of the trip (obviously in full compliance with existing privacy regulation and agreements with the unions).

Multiple algorithms are available in XPOfleet to use this trip data to allow fleet managers to manage the mileage of a mixed fleet consisting of EVs and combustion engine vehicles.

Solution 2: XPOmobile

Many companies that are using XPOfleet daily have also implemented XPOmobile. XPOmobile is the app that works on any Apple or Android device and serves as a means of communication between the fleet manager and the driver. The app is also a portal where the employee can find information 24/7 such as the location where the winter tires are stored, what to do in case of an accident, status of the lease contract and much more. A feature which is less commonly known is the possibility for drivers to key in the current mileage of the car. When a driver of an EV periodically enters the mileage in XPOmobile (in miles or km) it will be automatically communicated to XPOfleet where algorithms will use it to manage the mileage. Easy, quick and already available in every XPOmobile license at no additional cost!.



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